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. >> romney continues his counter-attack in a new ad out this morning which he uses obama's own words in the 2008 convention in denver against him. >> if you don't have any fresh ideas, then you use stale tactics to scare voters. if you don't have a record to run on, then you're paying your opponent as someone people should run from. you make a big election about small things. >> now, when it comes to his own record, the president conceded he hasn't communicated his economic policies well enough but stopped short of saying he's made mistakes on substance. >> the mistake of my first couple of years was thinking that this job was just about getting the policy right. and that's important. but the nature of this office is also to tell a story to the american people that gives them a sense of unity and purpose and optimism, especially during tough times. >> now, romney pounced on this line saying being a good communicator is not enough, saying, quote, being president is not about telling stories. being president is about leading. so who is to blame for the sluggish economy? former presiden
first read brings it to the top, to the forefront. domenico, thank you for joining us. appreciate it. >>> ben bernanke is warning that the u.s. is head for another recession if the economy is allowed to go off the so-called fiscal cliff at year's end. tim geithner spoke to cnbc's larry kudlow about the lack of answers on capitol hill. >> is this the most chaotic political moment that we've seen? >> i don't know if it's chaotic, but it's stuck and it needs to get unstuck. the most powerful instruments of economic policy that the country needs right now are in the hands of the congress. they're things that the executive branch, be the fed cannot control. those things need to be put to work. >> with me now maryland congressman chris van hollan. thank you so much for joining us. >> good to be with you, luke. >> the washington post on the front page article this morning said, quote, economists say the automatic actions slated to take place at the end of the year, increase in payroll taxes and income tax rates as well as large cuts in domestic and defense spending would tip the country bac
and tampa and orlando. u.s. economic growth slowed as expected in the second quarter. we have been waiting for the revised numbers at their slowest pace in a year. gross domestic product expanded at 1.5%. some pressure potentially on the federal reserve to act. a few minutes away from the opening bell. let's get the market run down earlier than normal. becky quick, gdp and the numbers, we knew that they were going to be this mediocre to bad. was it built in? >> that keeps us right into the holding pattern at this point. that was right around what a lot of people had been expecting. at this point it didn't push the feds' action forward or backwards. next week is the big meeting and all the stories have been circulating have everybody wonder figure the fed will act. i don't know if 1.5% is weak enough. they said it's 1.3%, that might push the feds's hand. >> i have seen conflicting reports that some of this downturn has to do with inventory. that means that third quarter might pop. do you buy this? >> not necessarily. we need to see more numbers. corporate profitability and that was down. th
had for us. he did a lot better at politicking than mitt romney. >> let's end with a bland compliment. if it's way too early, what time is it? >> it's "morning joe" and thank you all so much for being with us. you are our favorite fans in the world. stay tuned to perhaps the greatest guy in the world. >> he's a really big deal. >> . >> wrestling, boxing, jumping, shooting. the games have not starred yet. it's mitt romney's olympic sized battle with london and the leaders. can the candidate avoid wounds on this do no harm trip abroad. capitol hill gears up for the august recess. it's anything but quiet. we have major senate primaries in days and weeks. they will decide who is going to control the senate. we know how bad things can get in congress. the fighting and theatrics, but is the political polarization causing the public and voters to be each more divided? good morning from washington. it's friday, july 27th, 2012. we have the big new gdp numbers. stagnation, stagnant growth. those could be an olympic-sized problem for the president. let's get to the first read of the morning. ju
it in an effective way i think. the last three weeks taught us about the romney campaign and decided to deflect the charges on bain attacks. fighting back. two, they're changing the subject. and three, they still haven't answered the questions and on the tax returns, we saw more republicans yesterday call for the release of the tax returns prior to 2010. as you mentioned that "l.a. times" story on bain capital and buzz feed mentioning the salt lake games listed mitt romney president and ceo of bain capital. the questions don't go away any time soon. might not pop up tomorrow or next week but after the conventions romney campaign still isn't able to answer them. >> president obama is in florida today talking about medicare, going to try to bring that line of attack back up. successful in the past with democrats with the budget. other thing to talk about is veep stakes. there's rumors of chris christie to be the keynote speaker and in theory probably take him away from being vp. any new update on that? >> usually the keynote speaker isn't the vice president. you can't do the same thing and why pe
. >> romney answered those, but took no questions from u.s. reporters. press secretary andrea saul said milliband took questions because that was his choice. that's why romney didn't call on american reporters. we said we were doing a photo spray. it's not protocol once you end upstanding next to a leader from another country. the u.s. press corps followed mr. romney a long way. with tony blair romney stuck to pleasantries. he also met with william hague. they faced challenges in europe, syria, egypt, the arab spring and their mutual love of kit-kat bars. romney pressed the point that he doesn't plan to criticize the president abroad. he did so again in the meeting with milliband. >> while i'm on foreign soil i'm careful not to be critical of my own policies. i would be more remiss if i were to be critical of any other government's policy. >> that was a response to the question from the british press corps asking romney about the sort of definite-first approach the uk has taken and how it's affected economic growth. in a wide-ranging interview with mr. brian williams, brian asked romney
in the row in front of us, hit the girl in front of us. then they exploded. >> he threw another one. >> yeah. >> i think that went to the right of us. >> did you see him starting to shoot people at that point? >> he actually waited. he looked so calm when he did it. it was, like, scary. he waited for the bombs both to explode before he even made any move. then after both of them exploded he began to shoot. >> the first shot was in the air. after that he started shooting towards -- >> no specific target. he let loose. >> some theatregoers said they thought it was part of the movie since it happened during an action scene. some of the bullets went into theater 8 also showing "the dark knigh knight". k can usa reports as police arrived they saw people rushing out of the theater. some in such bad shape police put them in the back of cruisers and rushed them to hospital themselves. 50 people are being treated in at least four local hospitals. the youngest victim is a 3-month-old baby. kusa just reported the baby has been released from the hospital. police say the suspected gunman was found near a
% with obama, 12% picked romney. call it the likability gap, 46% of voters told us they didn't like romney personally. look at those numbers. that compares to just 31% who said the same about the president. and in fact, that gap, and the narrowing of that gap, in some other parts of our poll, of the nasty and mindful of this that the nasty campaign took, both campaigns are now out with what i would call much softer hits on each other this week. >> sometimes politics can seem very smart. but the choice you face, it couldn't be bigger. >> he tried. you tried. it's okay to make a change. >> those weren't the negative tone in ads that we were seeing two weeks ago. the achilles' heel, "a," a resurgence of economic pessimism as job growth slowed. 27% believe the economy will get better next year. and 25% believe it will get worse. that number is up five points from a month ago. the majority of voters, 43% disapprove of how the president is handling the company. romney leads the government in improving the economy by seven points. bottom line, with the economic numbers, you could argue that the p
story. a bunch of new polls out this morning gives us our first real look at how last week's supreme court decision is being digested by the public. the verdict? the court's ruling did give the president a minor boost. the public seems to be split right down the middle on the decision. look at that. you see it is pretty much even on both sides. it is up four points from may. we're still outnumber by republicans who strongly oppose the law, the proportion of democrats who say they have a very favorable view of the law has jumped from 31% to 47% this month. it's an all time high in polling stretching back two years. as you see that jump is largely driven by self-described democrats whose views of the law surged 19 points. republicans are still more likely than democrats to say the law will make them turn out to vote in november. 31% say it will make them more likely to vote compared to 18% of democrats. and what amounts to a head to head between the presidential. 45% of americans have a favorable view of his plan. 48% unfavorable. romney's plans work. another number. the whit
the national republican congressional committee is rolling out a series of ads. they are using smart phones as an inspiration. they will do other house democrats that they are targeting. it was clear the gop will make health care a defining issue in senate races. >> every democratic incumbent on the ballot this november was the deciding ovote to pass this bill. >> democrats have been only too eager to point out that romney promoted a nearly identical law in massachusetts. >> it's necessary and governor romney knows it because he did it in massachusetts. >> this was a plan that governor romney supported. >> these free riders thaz were identified by governor romney himself. >> he prescribed this. this was his bill. >> and that has put republicans on the defensive as they try to defend mitt romney. >> that was in massachusetts. that is a one state. >> mardi gras is right for louisiana but may not work for other states. >> i think romney ought to speak for what was done in massachusetts. >> does romney really have a choice? already two republican super pacs are running ads on his behalf, target
about $5 billion, which soli b theig qutionsow mh tyost in tt oground tha numb we use t tk aut ing ose to $ bilon is n cler t5biion, a it could go up from there. but there is a bigger issue this morning, and i want to read to you from the statement that they made. realuestns n aboheth therwas mfeasce iide morg, cerin trars trng t hid tir tdesnd the vals othe lses the had. th sai thi morng tt they recently discovered information that raises questions about the integrity of the trader mark the rks bei thevaluion, d sugstinhat ctain divials y ha bee seekg to avohowi the full aunt o tho lsesn the rtfoo dung t qur. what does this mean? this means we might be looking at sec and increasingly perhaps even criminal inveigations. coue, the isoing tbe bi queionsbout t nagent ojp morn a ri, tho, wt h kne and wh he knew it. this is going to be the story of the morning. i should say, by the way, perhaps oddly enough, jp morgan stock righnow trang ahe or up ther aad othe mket openg thmorng. hat fascatinanew. almo fou yrs late we uld ve the fir rea criminal investigation in one of these big bangs. and
are using this morning is chaotic. that's what they described inside the theater. we talked with a number of folks that were inside and outside at the time they heard gunfire go off. one man heard more than 50 gunshots within a ten-minute period. at that point, dozens, if not hundreds of people ran out of the theater at once. he said he saw blood coming down from their face, hands and all over their bodies. one lady said she was just plain lucky. she was supposed to be in the theater but her friend's credit card was declined. when they got some money they went to the 12:10 a.m. showing in theater 8. at that point a police officer walked in with a gun and said, everybody get out of here. you were talking about this earlier about how people thought that was part of the movie. they thought it was a gimmick that happened during the showing of the movie. they realized once everybody was rushing out, the lady said she saw a woman who had bullet wounds in her and she was screaming. a lot of folks were crying at the time as well. she said she stared into a lady's eyes and said she'll never forget
was the diplomat. sorry, mark. great vacation, everyone. thanks for joining us. it's way too early. >> if a too early, it's "morning joe." chuck is there. it's time for chuck. take it away, chuck. >> thank you. no vacation for me yet. ready for another bruising showdown about tax fairness. and class warfare, president obama is challenging some say baiting republicans with a proposal to extend tax cuts only for the middle class. riling republicans, but the plan may not sit well with top democrats either. as the anemic jobs report breathes life into the romney campaign, team obama makes a fresh assault on romney's wealth as he spends sunday raising money on the hamptons. congress comes back after the july 4th recess. speaker boehner is making news saying it doesn't matter if voters love mitt romney or not. good morning from washington. it's monday july 9th, 2012. right to the first reads of the morning. president obama will stress the looming fiscal cliff for the first time when it calls for a one-year extension with people earning less than $250,000 a year. all the tax cuts are set to expire. th
with today, using hillary clinton, an outreach to walmart moms, a real punch saying the president is a liar. was this brought on by a lot of conservatives saying he wasn't being tough enough? >> the context was that mitt romney's found himself on the defensive. outside of that friday jobs report, whether on immigration, on health care, on bain and the outsourcing charge, so they're firing back and essentially saying that president obama isn't telling the truth on this issue. there are a couple of problems for romney on this front. there is some bad timing where the argument the romney campaign is making, a lot of the outsourcing, if it did occur, can happened after mitt romney left bain, worked for the olympics in salt lake city. the boston globe is reporting today and following up on a report that some s.e.c. filings show that mitt rmny said he was working at bain capital past 1999 when some of the outsourcing was occurring. >> in china, right. >> a bit of a pickle for the romney campaign. maybe the biggest problem is this, the obama ad hitting romney on outsourcing and bain running for ei
for the first time to the romney campaign, using her in their attacks against the president. find out what she has to say about the ghosts in 2008. and the kiss can. >>> good morning from washington, it's tuesday, july 17, 2012. i'm luke russert, i'm filling in for chuck todd. president obama and milt romney take their blistering battle over who can run the economy today. the president will hold four fundraising events in texas as obama takes aim at the record at town hall and pennsylvania. he'll be greeted by the new obama ad. this time asking if romney and the unreleased years, quote, paid any taxes at all. >> tax havens offshore accounts, carried interest. mitt rom any has used every trick in the book. romney admits that in the last three years he's paid -- we don't know because romney has released just one full year of his tax returns and won't release anything before 2010. >> i have put out as much as we're going to put out. >> what is mitt romney hiding? >> it will not die, the taxes story and mitt romney, the president will not let it and he was back in ohio yet for his eighth trip to t
the economy. they said they had this fight again and they are happy to do it more time. they will use comments by other democrats primarily as the way of pushing back on it. >> this has been the problem for the president all along. if you are united in their own -- that's been a point of contention between schumer and the white house for two years. luke russert reporting on the capitol hill moves. thank you, sir. coming up, romney's risky move and he is planning to leave the u.s. in the heat of the presidential campaign. how does the trip to israel play at the polls? plus, the president's edge. new numbers that decide this election. we will show you why the ads do manage. first a look at the president's schedule and mitt romney's schedule which we will start doing. we know what the president is up to. his big deal. you know, those farmers, those foragers, those fishermen.... for me, it's really about building this extraordinary community. american express is passionate about the same thing. they're one of those partners that i would really rely on whether it's finding new customers, or, a new
much for joining us. for more on the battle over bain, i'm joined now by gail githgo from the romney campaign. thank you for being here. i got to ask you, what does retired retroactively actually mean? can you explain that for us, when mitt romney actually remained the other than until 2002 in some capacity? >> look, look, i appreciate the question and opportunity to clear this up. mitt romney left bain capital in 1999. he left to go run the olympics, but we appreciate the fact that president obama's campaign, they're going to do anything rather than talk about their failed record on the economy. that's really what the american people wabt to talk about. they're not at the store talking to their friends about romney's resume. they're worried about their own tax returns and jobs. so this again is just more distraction from the obama campaign because they can't fix the economy. they've failed to do so. you have this 8.2% unemployment rate that came out two weeks ago. the first thing president obama does is talk about a tax increase then the welfare. these are just more examples of how
. i understand why it's important for him to go ahead and answer some questions. all of us have gone through it. >> in a radio interview with radio iowa, romney fired back at the democratic attempts to draw attention to the, quote, swiss bank account issue. >> i realize that the president's failure to actually reignite the economy makes it hard for him to discuss his own record. and so he's going to try and attack me on every personal basis he can come up with. all the taxes are paid, as appropriate. all of them have been reported to the government. there's nothing hidden there. >> you see they are trying to basically say mitt romney who looks for any loophole he can to avoid paying some taxes now is arguing for another tax cut that will benefit him. so you see the larger narrative they are attempting here. the rnc hitting back on another issue the obama campaign had been trying to capitalize on in swing states. the rnc chairman follows obama to roll out obamanomics, the site will show instances where the president's policy led to job creation overseas. this morning,
they didn't get their on their own. yesterday at a fund-raiser he said, quote, detoqueville looked at us and said what made us an unusual nation among other things was our willingness to serve one another. we need more barn raisings, more people who don't look and say what can government do, but what things can i do in the in the live of people near me. the line between individual achievement and collective effort might not be ease easy to draw. jack gilchrist, the star last week, he received some help from the government through the years. the new hampshire union leader reported in 1999 gilchrist receive $8,000 in tax exempt revenue bonds issued by the new hampshire business finance authority and said his company received a u.s. small business administration loan totalling somewhere south of $500,000 in late '80s. he said his business has received matching funds from the new england trade adjustment assistance center which, by the way, is also federally funded. look, every one of the attacks that the campaigns do to each other you try to create clarity and then you dig in and see there'
son. he wants you to show your papers but he won't show us his. >> today in its lead editorial called mr. romney's financial black hole, the new york times writes -- quote, mr. romney's tarnishing an important political tradition. one step by his father george romney who released 12 years of tax returns in 1967 by coming to keep the sources of his income in the shadow. obama campaign is trying to create the same moment they created in january which then did spur the romney campaign to release one tax return and a pledge to release one more, republicans are now conceding romney should probably put more returns out there. former mississippi governor haley barbour. >> does mississippi -- >> tax returns, should he release the tax returns? >> i would. but -- should it be an issue in a campaign? i don't think it amounts to did. >> i this is clearly having an impact on romney. combination with the romney's campaign continued reap lentless attack on bain which the president repeated yesterday in iowa. >> governor rom new has experienced companies called pioneers, business of outsourcing. >> f
use google. it's a newfound technology. the states where these are the biggest, massachusetts, virginia, d.c., ohio, florida, new york, north carolina, washington adds adds, six goosts in google. >> that's important one for fundraising for the obama campaign, whether or not these attacks are true what, bain actually did, and then you look at the swing states and whether or not those attacks will stick. we have seen that the president's team has been able to push this message and you haven't seen any democrats off message. the first time that this came up about a month ago, you saw a round of democrats who said i really don't agree with this attack on bain, i think that it's going too far, this time around, you haven't heard that from democrats and this time now the romney campaign having a much harder time 1307responding because they had those democrats to hang their hats on this time. >> vice presidential pick, there is some speculation it may possibly come this week. you guys this morning in first read with mark murray, you aid that a vp has not been selected this early in a
you're talking about? >> yeah. what's worth noting there is us c-appealed the sanctions and what that was able to do was, it let the new coach lane kiffin basically brace for the scholarship hits and back load his roster. if penn state doesn't appeal, that means the sanctions kick in right away. and then all of a sudden, you're in this kind of scramble mode. if there's multiple postseason bowl ban, as much as three years which some speculate it could be three, four years, that makes it really hard to recruit because those kids will not want to come in knowing most of their career they're basically playing for nothing in terms of the rest of college football. the other thing when you hear the term unprecedented here, you know, it was unprecedented with reggie bush. the ncaa ruled in a different way, in their hamming of cam newton. here's it's unprecedented with mark emmert because there was no committee on intractions process. there was no due process here to penn state but we are in uncharred waters because the circumstances of penn state, not just the crimes but the cover-up, ho
described the tax as a penalty, not a tax as well use that same ju justificati justification. however, of course, the massachusetts state supreme court didn't weigh in. the obama campaign jumped on romney's comments. called him a flip-flopper and said, first, first he threw his top aide eric fehrnstrom under the bus, second he contradicted himself calling the mandate not a tax. he didt necessarily throw fehrnstrom under the bus. they were both saying the same thing. what romney essentially did 48 hours after what eric fehrnstrom told us, he conceded, fine, if the supreme court is going to call it a tax, then we'll call it a tax. now you see the problem it's creating among conservatives. let's move to there. the penalty versus tax episode highlight what's many conservatives see as romney's fundamental flaw. they simply don't trust him, eshl when it comes to health care. look no further than tad's scathing wall street editorial which slams romney's tax confusion, unquote. the editorial comes out just days or the paper's owner rupert murdoch, i'm not implying anything there, they don't d
they will use medicaid funds to expand coverage. >> what is going to happen and we saw it when medicare first started, a lot of times politics gets in the way of common sense. so, there are a lot of republican governors who feel pressure from, you know, rush limbaugh and members of congress not to implement and so they think it is bad politics, and over time though, when they see that more and more people in states that do implement are getting a better deal on the health insurance and the costs are going down and fewer people are uninsured and over time what will happen is that the politics fade fades away and this thing gets impleme implemented. >> this trip is all about trying to connect with voters who do not have much of an affinity for the president and in a series of off of the record stops, the president bought a cheeseburger and fries at a diner and had some corn and sipped beer at ziggy's. >> i had a beer in amherst at ziggys so i'm feeling good. >> and that was a miller lite on tap and bud light in the bottle and the president spoke off of the cuff and dropped the tell prompter. >>
Search Results 0 to 37 of about 38 (some duplicates have been removed)